My favorite time of year is upon us ! Spring ! This means I can open my windows and air out the staleness left behind by a bleak winter. Actually, our winter was not nearly as cold and icy as it usually is, so I was not complaining. However, it was still winter and it kept people inside their homes and it is always depressing. 

With Spring time, our little family gets to go outside and spend time at the park or go to the zoo. I get to clean out my house and prepare for a Yardsale, because, let’s face it, we all tend to accumulate items we do not need. 

I look forward to driving with the windows down and staying cool from the breeze. There is always this feeling of change that brings about happiness when the Spring time comes along. I embrace that feeling. 

Today, I have already cleaned out my garage and now I am laying my son down for a nap and then I want to clean up the basement. Does anyone else have a basement that is basically just a very large laundry room ? That is what we use it for at my house. I am taking this time to get caught up on all the laundry as well. The winter time makes me lazy, so now I have to remedy that laziness with productivity. 

Oh, I just love this time of year ! I wish it could be Spring all year round. 

❤ LAFMommy


2 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. My basement is a laundromat that I don’t get paid to run! One washer, well two if you include me 🙂 two dryers, and basket upon basket of dirty bits! We have seven kids so the laundry mill is 24/7. I’m jealous you got to clean the garage.
    I love spring too. My house smelled like my teenage son in the winter. My windows are open!!

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    1. I really dislike how stale the house starts to smell when it gets cold and we don’t open the windows ! It’s stifling really.
      Sadly, we have a ton of laundry with just the three of us. I can almost get caught up and then I take a couple days off and get slammed again. Ugh. Our garage definitely looks nice now though lol. I need to open my windows today.

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