I know I probably do not have many “followers” on my blog, whether they have actually chosen to follow it, or if they ghost follow me, but I wanted to let my followers know something. If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know. You could live in freakin Australia (halfway across the world), and I will still chat with you online.

I know what it is like to feel alone, and to need someone to talk to, and sometimes a complete stranger is easier to talk to because family and friends can seem judgmental. Hey, they may not even realize it, or mean it, but you know it’s happening. It’s nice to have some support sometimes. I get a ton from my husband, but someone else may not.

Sometimes I read posts online, and I think.. man, I wish I could talk to this individual. I wish I could tell them my story and let them know they are not alone and there is someone that cares. Yes, I care. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU. But I care.

I was going to write a much longer blog today, but our son was ill and I have been focused on him. I just wanted to throw this out there, and let people know.

You are never alone. You are more than your battle.

❤ LAFMommy


10 thoughts on “Strangers

  1. So, I know why I’m still awake. My hubbys gone. Our guard dog just isn’t enough for me to sleep when he’s not here. What’s your reason? And I have followed a few folks that I thought were really kind and creative, only to find out I needed to unfollow asap. I’ve had to report one individual. So it does happen on here, but very rarely.

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    1. We spent our entire night at the hospital with our son. He kept doing this “gasping for air” noise that we didn’t like. Then we were sent to another hospital. We were discharged [finally] at 10:00am and by the time we got home we were exhausted. We laid down and took a 5 hours nap and now I’m wide awake lol. It’s 11 though, so I’m definitely about to get in bed and cross my fingers that I can get to sleep. I have an early morning.

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